Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Sound of Rain

I love waking up to the soothing, gentle sounds of rain falling outside my bedroom window. It is somehow reassuring to me. And always, upon waking to the tap dance of raindrops, I feel more rested and refreshed than usual. I know this is due to the improved quality of sleep brought about because of the sound. I always sleep better when it rains. What I don’t know is exactly why this is so. Nonetheless, I have heard other people mention this phenomenon as well. I seem to recall the words of a popular song a few years back proclaiming, “I love a rainy night…”

Of course, I must also confess that I love rainy days almost as much as rainy nights. When I find myself out and about on a rainy day, I especially love the sound of the raindrops plop, plop, plopping on the roof of the van. I usually pause for a minute or two to listen before leaving the dry warmth to dash across the parking lot to my intended business. Who can say what it is in the sound of raindrops that catches my attention and effortlessly transports me to a peaceful reverie?

I suppose, like so many “unexplained” reactions, I could trace my enchantment with rain and its sounds to my childhood. I grew up within the walls of a “flat top” house. Their flat roofs gave them the “clean, geometric, modern” look so popular during the late 1950’s. Covered with tar paper, tar and gravel, there was nothing between the roofing materials and the wood of the slat and beam ceiling…nothing to buffer or suppress the sound when the roof was subjected to contact with the elements. The rain falling upon the tar and gravel created a sound soothing to the ears and the soul. I remember lying in my bed in the dark on many a rainy night, peacefully falling off to sleep, lulled by the steady, staccato pitter pat of those raindrops, safe, dry and toasty warm in my blankets and confident that all was well, in spite of the storm raging on right outside my window. I would succumb to the cocoon of slumber thinking of the water puddles waiting to be jumped in, the security of galoshes, rain slickers and umbrellas, indoor recesses playing “7-Up” and the fresh-washed look of the world after the rain has stopped.

I guess I never really thought about it before, but this morning I find myself in an unexpected attitude of gratitude for my parents’ choice of housing when I was a child. I am grateful that I was able to hear the rain on the roof and can, all these years later, immediately recall to memory the feelings of safety, security and continuity that those sounds evoked in my childish soul. How wonderful it is that those feelings return unbidden now, whenever God washes the world with raindrops.

And I am reminded of the eternal truth that where I am now, there also is God and He believes in me.

Peace and I’m outta’ here.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Unlikely Friends

A friend of mine sent me a link to the most incredible video I've ever seen. Imagine a kitten and a wild crow becoming friends!!! There is no way to describe it. You have to see it for yourself.

Peace all, and I'm outta' here.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


“Back to back”, “Face up front”,
“only two to a seat”,
“don’t stand up or goof around”,
“the floor is where we keep our feet!”

The rules are there to keep us safe
I know – but where’s the fun in that?
I can’t believe I’m back in school –
A 46-year-old Kindergarten Gramma “Brat”!

I want gum to chew and food to throw
and paper airplanes to bomb the back of the bus driver’s head!
If Mr. Mitchell could read my mind
I’m sure his heart would fill with dread.

What fun it would be to put a frog
-all green and warty and ugly and fat-
in the teacher’s desk so we could watch
when it jumped out and gave him a heart attack!!

But that day I was a “helper” and I couldn’t be bad;
So I followed the rules and remember the fun that I had
on the bus with Trevell, and all the things that we saw,
the day I became Kindergarten Gramma!!

by L. E. Shepard
copyright 2003

Monday, March 22, 2010


Hey all - today's post is about stuff you can get for free on your birthday. But I'm not going to retype it all here -- I've already written a post on my other blog about this, listing all the best birthday freebies I've found. So I'm suggesting that you visit my other blog and check it out! I don't think you'll be sorry you did. You are just one click away from some great information about getting free meals on your birthday!! Enjoy!

Peace...and I'm outta' here.


Boy oh boy do I love FREE STUFF!! For those of us who love coffee, Dunkin' Donuts is offering free samples of their ground coffee! It is delish and I highly recommend that you take advantage of this offer today. Just click on the box below and your free sample will be on its way to your mailbox.
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Friday, March 19, 2010


This morning the Bling Bats in Red Hats made their television debut on our local morning news program "Good Day Sacramento!" I share with you the photo we took with two of the anchors, Mark S. Allen and Julissa Ortiz. That's me (Lady Lulu) - 4th from the left in the back row right next to Mark.

Then just before we walked out the door, Lady Crafty took a pic of me in the "Green Room".
Peace all...and I'm outta' here.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hey -- if you haven't tried the products of POPCORNOPOLIS yet, I highly recommend that you do!! My local Sam's Club had a special booth last week giving out samples of all the different flavors of popcorn they have available! AWESOME!! Absolutely favorite was the Zebra and Cheese flavors.
This would make a really great Mother's or Father's Day gift!!